What do you get when you put a world renowned street/graffiti artist and a clothing line together?  Hood Clothing Inc.!!!!!  True art in your apparel!!! How can you not love it?!

Anything as authentic as Hood Clothing Inc. has to make our list of 101 Reasons!

What separates your brand/company from others?  What makes it unique?

Hood Clothing Inc. is based off of international street and graffiti artist, Rene Gagnon. With the success of his art career, the clothing line developed. The designs behind most of all of our apparel have been either used on canvas, the street, or in print editions. Our final product is hand crafted with hand-sewn embroidery on every product, custom graffiti packaging, while using only the best American made fabric. Our brand embodies the urban environment and promotes awareness of artistic mediums.

Describe your brand/company in three words

“Always In Season”

Who is your brand/company?

Our brand consists of an international selling street and graffiti artist; Rene Gagnon along with his daughter Samantha who runs the brand. We also have a team of about six people who help run every aspect of an ever-growing company.

What can we expect from your brand/company at The Ultimate Trunk Show?

You can expect everything our brand embodies; artwork combined with the finest spun American made fashions. We will have one of a kind prints for sale as well as our new fall line for both men and women, which you can see at www.hoodclothinginc.com. You will also have the opportunity to meet the international artist, as he will be in attendance, along with the entire Hood team.

What was your inspiration, when deciding to create this brand?

The inspiration originally was a solo exhibition show in 2009 by Rene Gagnon entitled “Hood.” Now our inspiration continues to stem from Gagnon’s extensive body of work, which continues to grow. We also pride ourselves on making every order unique and custom with a hand-touched feel, providing the consumer with a limited edition experience.

How did you get your start? Did you do study anything related to your craft?

The concept of our brand started in 2009 with a solo art exhibition by Rene Gagnon entitled “Hood”. Artist Rene Gagnon started his graffiti career in 1989, which later lead to a degree in Fine Art from Mass College of Art. In his first solo exhibition show in Massachusetts, he developed a fictitious brand on girls, which was displayed on a series of canvas work. The concepts behind this gallery show lead to the birth of Hood Clothing Inc. in 2011. With the persistence of his only daughter Samantha, the two began diligently developing this fictitious brand into reality.

Have you encountered any obstacles/tough moments?

The obvious obstacles of financial deficits and quality improvement of the brand have been the two biggest obstacles. With anything, time has improved those two areas.

What advice would you give to other aspiring designers/entrepreneurs?

Definitely ask yourself why and what your primary goals of your focus are. The development of your aspirations become reality with a solid focus of what you are after. For us, we also learned that time, research and increased awareness of your target market makes your brand/ideas develop a solid foundation, which will help the future of your company.

Be sure to check out Hood Clothing Inc at The Ultimate Trunk Show on December 8th!