Reason #64, Vision-U

What separates your brand/company from others? What makes it unique?

Our drive and dedication is to design clothing by combining reality with creativity and to bring urban style to life.

Describe your brand/company in three words

Bold, Futuristic, Trendsetting

Who is (your brand/company)?

Vision-U is based out of Brooklyn and caters to both men and women of all sizes.

What can we expect from your brand/company at The Ultimate Trunk Show?

Vision-U will present a collection that is unique, chic and that can fit the styling desire of each individual.

What was your inspiration when deciding to create this brand?

Our inspiration is the people.  Living in a city with people of different cultures, motivates us to create a collection that can represent a person’s personality.

How did you get your start? Did you do study anything related to your craft?

I always had a love for art in high school and wanted to learn more about mixing art with colors and textures to design a brand.

What advice would you give to other aspiring designers/entrepreneurs?

Imagine your vision, make a plan and strive towards your goal.