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Style Blast From the Past with Eighty4v !

  Eighty4v is a women’s style company and clothing collection designed to attract bold, confident women with originality and purpose.   The style of Eighty4v is vintage intertwined with sophistication and edginess dated back to the Cleopatra Jones days. Eighty4v is timeless, unapologetic and risque. It’s more than just fashion and clothes, it’s more about […]

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Photographer Kaleef Parks creates a deeper meaning through his photography. Parks is truly a visionary with his ability to capture and stimulate emotions in all his pieces. Photography is the art through the vision of the photographer. Parks’ “natural” approach to his craft allows for spectators to see the world in a different light creating a […]

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Get Familair, Renowned Art Worldwide (RAWW)

  Renowned Art Worldwide (RAWW) is not your average brand solely based on just one genre but incorporates the key elements of spoken word, fitness, clothing, music, photography and art all under one realm/umbrella. Founder, Omar Walden and his partner Jason created Renowned Art Worldwide in 2013 “to express themselves through the arts” in which […]

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10 Shopping Tips for Today’s Thrift Shopper

Ever want to relive the fashion from your favorite era?  Can’t seem to find that old school fashion anywhere in today’s trends?  Then thrift shopping may be right up your alley.  Many of today’s fashion trend setters thrift and it’s not solely for the price, but most importantly the fashion!  Thrift stores have been able […]

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