Get Familair, Renowned Art Worldwide (RAWW)

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Renowned Art Worldwide (RAWW) is not your average brand solely based on just one genre but incorporates the key elements of spoken word, fitness, clothing, music, photography and art all under one realm/umbrella.

Founder, Omar Walden and his partner Jason created Renowned Art Worldwide in 2013 “to express themselves through the arts” in which they had “a full circle of talent and wanted create a brand in which” they had “full control over” from an artistic standpoint.

Renowned Art Worldwide (RAWW) also incorporates outreach to the community by bringing forth the the importance of a healthy lifestyle; where the fitness aspect comes in. More so encouraging people to never stop growing and striving for what they have a passion in most.

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UTS: What is the brand’s main focus?

Omar Walden:  Renowned Art Worldwide’s main focus is to create and bring substance back. We want to enlighten and push the culture through the thing we love most…art.

UTS: How does the brand distinguish themselves from any other brand?

Omar Walden:  Renowned Art Worldwide (RAWW) is like no other brand. RAWW consists of several talented individuals who share a great passion for everything artistic. Renowned Art Worldwide uses the language of art, media and a blend of performances in a unique form to build culturally transgressive new works. Our talented and creative Team specializes in Music, Photography/Videography, Graphic Design, Fashion, event planning, Spoken Word, fitness plus modern and contemporary art. RAWW exemplifies a shrewdness and a clear innovative vision. We have spent and will continue to spend a tremendous amount of effort, time energy and practice needed for the growth and development of our entrepreneurial aspirations so that we can make a lasting impact in the world and society.

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UTS: What plans or future in devours does the Renowned Art Worldwide have in store for their audience?

Omar Walden:  We are working on putting together a few art galleries now with painter/artist Symone Wong. We have new original music in the works by Renowned artist Fidzo, who has already created an uproar with Public Notebook 2 available to download via Along with existing events such as #RAWWPoetry installments in Long Island every third Friday of the month and #RAWWFitness bootcamps (established as a way to give back and create health awareness in our community) every Saturday. However, the biggest event planned is our annual #RAWW Week (The Renowned Experience) in which we fuse music, poetry, art, fashion and spoken word at one huge art exhibit style event. Stay tuned…


For more information please visit Renowned Art Worldwide