Photographer Kaleef Parks creates a deeper meaning through his photography. Parks is truly a visionary with his ability to capture and stimulate emotions in all his pieces. Photography is the art through the vision of the photographer. Parks’ “natural” approach to his craft allows for spectators to see the world in a different light creating a unique perception of the world today. His passion and creativity leads to each work of art. Parks is continuing to grow as a photographer, keep an eye out for him, his future is bright and on the rise.

How would you desLeeH-26cribe your photography style/direction?

  • Natural! From the way I shoot, to the way I edit, even the way the model or subject feels. I love the idea of capturing emotions. That’s how I try to project my work-how people and the world perceive my work is completely up to them. With the right mindset, an artist can draw emotion out of almost anything…people, location, objects, etc. Hopefully they get the idea and see my vision for what it is, but that’s the beauty of perception.


When did you first pick up a camera? How did you get started with photography?Lee-22

  • I honestly can’t remember the first time, lol. I know I was really young and loved taking pictures and looking at them. I was always inside of family albums and photobooks just flipping through pages and looking at these moments captured in time. I think that’s where the “Capturing Emotions” idea originated from, subconsciously. I started taking pictures like crazy in highschool, more of a paparazzi style though… nothing like what I do now. It really started for me when I was making comedy sketches on YouTube in 2010 and needed a better camera to make videos with more clarity. I used my refund check from college to get the camera and started using it to record videos and to take photos of random objects. Later on that summer of 2011 I had my first photoshoot and uhhh here we are now haha.

Does photography enable you to view the world differently?

  • Absolutely! Being able to look at the world for more than what’s just on the surface is amazing and I believe it unlocks a lot of doors that the average person doesn’t even see. I definitely don’t live in everyone else’s or the world’s reality…. I live in my own reality.

Your shooting style is very consistent. How did you develop that style and how long did it take you?

  • Thank you, it took a lot of time. It starts with getting the idea and images inside of your head and being able to project that into a final eKyrsetnM-15dited photograph. That “natural” style just sort of came into itself. I’m a firm believer in doing a large volume of work in order to perfect your craft and with that came style, mindset, and just general methods and standards of shooting. It just started getting consistent for me within this past year and I’ve been shooting for about 4 ½ years…it takes time.

Do you consider yourself a visionary?

  • I’d like to think so lol, my imagination drives me and normally leads the way for most ideas. I have to see it before I can believe it, so if I can see it in my head then some how, some way it can happen.

                                                               What is your weapon of choice?                                                


  • I’ve had a Canon T3i my entire career but it’s definitely my Canon 5d Mark III with a 50mm lens.

Who inspires you the most in the field of photography?

  • That’s a tough one. I’ve never actually studied photography history nor have I followed any photographers. There are a few photographers that I am a fan of, but as far as inspiration goes I think it comes from the photographer. I see myself becoming and the potential I see in my work and ideas.

How far do you plan on taking the Leef Parks brand?

  • Sky’s the limit… actually the sky is just the beginning. I want to extend the branches on the Leef Parks brand. EverythMichel'le Okoro-6ing from photography, music videos, short films, comedy sketches, clothing, and even #LeefShotIt and Leef Parks paraphernalia. I’m going for broke… whatever my head can come up with.

What do you offer that we cannot find from anyone or anywh  ere else?                          

  • The mindset and the drive. I will out work anyone you put in front of me because my craft is my everything and I’m willing to die for my craft. Figuratively speaking of course lol.

                                               What’s next for Kaleef?

  • YoStacy Stu-11u’ll have to just wait and see. There’s a lot going on that I can’t talk about just yet, but stay tuned and follow me on all those social networking sites. Instagram(leefprks), Snapchat (leefparks), and Twitter (LetsGoLeef). Those are the first places I publish any new news or events.


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